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In a motherboard with two or four memory slots, only one of which is populated, install a new memory module that is identical or closely similar to the installed module if doubling the installed memory is sufficient. If you need more memory, remove the original module and install two identical new modules. Memory bank - Wikipedia A memory bank is a logical unit of storage in electronics, which is hardware-dependent.In a computer, the memory bank may be determined by the memory controller along with physical organization of the hardware memory slots. In a typical synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) or double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory (), a bank consists of multiple rows and … hardware Flashcards - Flashcard Machine - Create, Study

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Jul 12, 2018 ... Even with a modern PC, you shouldn't install new RAM and assume the BIOS ... doesn't apply to laptops, which may have only one or two slots. Simple Memory Test Predicts Intelligence - Live Science May 25, 2010 ... A new memory test can predict this IQ. ... "[They] may not have more memory slots than other people," Luck said. They may just be better at ...

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DIMM - Wikipedia Sometimes memory modules are designed with two or more independent sets of DRAM chips connected to the same address and data buses; each such set is called a rank. Ranks that share the same slot, only one rank may be accessed at any given time; it is specified by activating the corresponding rank's chip select (CS) signal. Is it better to have many small or fewer large RAM sticks? If only one processor is installed in a 2CPU system, only half of the DIMM slots are available To maximize performance, balance the total memory capacity between all installed processors It is not required, but it is recommended to load the channels similarly if possible how do I add more ram slots? | Yahoo Answers You' can't add RAM slots, nor can you mix different types of memory. What you can do is buying a new motherboard which has more RAM slots or buying a RAM memory of 1/2 GB and replacing your old one with it.